image of drama Heaven's Coins 2 - Hoshi No Kinka 2 (1996) [JDRAMA]

Heaven's Coins 2 - Hoshi No Kinka 2 (1996) [JDRAMA]

After living together in Hokkaido for around a year, Takumi and Aya return to Tokyo to attend Sonoko's wedding. Knowing that Aya still couldn't forget Shuichi, Takumi decides to give way and let Aya return to Hokkaido with his brother. Just when they are flying off, Takumi has an accident and his legs could no longer move. Feeling that Takumi has always being very good to her, Aya chooses to live with him, and painfully breaks off with Shuichi. She takes up two jobs to uphold the home, but the depressed Takumi starts thinking Aya as pitying him after some talks of others, and bangs all his anger on her.

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Also known as: Hoshi no kinka 2, Die Sterntaler

Genres: RomanceMedical

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