image of drama Guard Center 24 (2016) [JDRAMA]

Guard Center 24 (2016) [JDRAMA]

The Security Guard Center sets the stage for this drama that stars Mamoru Shinomiya, a newly-hired emergency responder. Together with his brilliant colleagues, all of whom have colorful personalities, they tackle one emergency after another with flying colors and restore the safety and security of their clients and the public.
Neophyte Mamoru stumbles along as he tries to resolve his cases. He somehow seems to find himself embroiled in the incidents. Influenced by his colleagues and the "security guard spirit" that they exude, he works tirelessly and begins to grow and evolve.

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Genres: ActionSuspense

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金曜ロードSHOW!特別ドラマ企画「ガードセンター24 広域警備司令室」 SP 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv 2 2.3GB

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