image of drama Gu Ra Me! Minister President's Cook (2016) [JDRAMA]

Gu Ra Me! Minister President's Cook (2016) [JDRAMA]

Ichiki Kurumi is 25-years-old. When she was young, she went to France. Now, after she came back to Japan, she works as a waitress at a high-end traditional restaurant (ryotei). She is talented with cooking.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Ato Ichiro and Executive Secretary of Prime Minister Koga Seiji decide to hire a cook for the prime minister's residence for the first time in 70 years. Due to an incident, Seiji meets Kurumi Ichiki and discovers that she has a natural talent for cooking. Seiji asks her to be a cook for the Prime Minister. After a hesitation, Kurumi says yes. She begins work at the prime minister's residence, but she struggles in a hostile environment with the chef and his subordinates at the restaurant of the prime minister's official residence.

Also known as: Gu Ra Me!,

Genres: Food, Drama, Manga

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グ・ラ・メ!~総理の料理番~ EP01 (テレビ朝日 1440x1080 x265 AAC).jp.ass 6 142.5KB
グ・ラ・メ!~総理の料理番~ EP01 (テレビ朝日 1440x1080 x265 AAC).mkv 6 618.5MB
グ・ラ・メ!~総理の料理番~ EP05 (テレビ朝日 1440x1080 x265 AAC).jp.ass 6 146.6KB
グ・ラ・メ!~総理の料理番~ EP05 (テレビ朝日 1440x1080 x265 AAC).mkv 6 685.9MB
グ・ラ・メ!~総理の料理番~ EP06 (テレビ朝日 1440x1080 x265 AAC).jp.ass 6 142.4KB
グ・ラ・メ!~総理の料理番~ EP06 (テレビ朝日 1440x1080 x265 AAC).mkv 6 699.1MB
グ・ラ・メ!~総理の料理番~ EP07 (テレビ朝日 1440x1080 x265 AAC).mkv 6 795.3MB

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