image of drama Green Rose (2005) [KDRAMA]

Green Rose (2005) [KDRAMA]

Jerome Delgado has been offered the dream job that has also been the part of his life. Jerome becomes part of the SR group of companies. In this predicament, he will meet Angela Tuazon, a young woman who he meets in his new environment. Both come from different worlds and circumstances, but after a fateful business ride turns into a disaster as their cargo truck breaks down, the two find themselves getting to know each other after a night in the woods. Jerome and Angela fall in love, but beyond people's beliefs and personal wants and needs, the two will go through obstacles leaving Jerome framed up in a situation he did not even plan or know of, as Angela fights hard to believe that their love can go beyond the threats. Will Jerome escape the prejudices and pains of a crime he never commit?
A beautiful new tale of a story of how far one will go to reclaim the love, name, and honor, that goes beyond existence.

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Genres: RomanceMelodramaTragedy

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You Dongdong is a standard "diaosi" man (a young male of mediocre appearance and social standing). It follows his journey as he chases back his girlfriend, a "baifumei" (a woman with both wealth and looks).