image of drama Good Morning Call - Season 2 (2017) [JDRAMA]

Good Morning Call - Season 2 (2017) [JDRAMA]

The new series will have a completely original story, and will focus on Yoshikawa and Uehara's college life.

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Also known as: Good Morning Call Season 2, Good Morning Call -Our Campus Days-, Good Morning Call - Our Campus Days

Genres: ComedyRomanceSchool

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Good.Morning.Call.2017.S02E01.1080p.Netflix.WEB-DL.E-AC3.H.264-DragsterPS.mkv 2 2.6GB
Good.Morning.Call.2017.S02E02.1080p.Netflix.WEB-DL.E-AC3.H.264-DragsterPS.mkv 2 2.5GB
Good.Morning.Call.2017.S02E03.1080p.Netflix.WEB-DL.E-AC3.H.264-DragsterPS.mkv 2 2.6GB
Good.Morning.Call.2017.S02E04.1080p.Netflix.WEB-DL.E-AC3.H.264-DragsterPS.mkv 2 2.3GB
Good.Morning.Call.2017.S02E05.1080p.Netflix.WEB-DL.E-AC3.H.264-DragsterPS.mkv 2 2.2GB
Good.Morning.Call.2017.S02E06.1080p.Netflix.WEB-DL.E-AC3.H.264-DragsterPS.mkv 2 2.3GB
Good.Morning.Call.2017.S02E07.1080p.Netflix.WEB-DL.E-AC3.H.264-DragsterPS.mkv 2 2GB
Good.Morning.Call.2017.S02E08.1080p.Netflix.WEB-DL.E-AC3.H.264-DragsterPS.mkv 2 2.3GB
Good.Morning.Call.2017.S02E09.1080p.Netflix.WEB-DL.E-AC3.H.264-DragsterPS.mkv 2 2.1GB
Good.Morning.Call.2017.S02E10.1080p.Netflix.WEB-DL.E-AC3.H.264-DragsterPS.mkv 2 3GB

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