image of drama Forest (2020) [KDRAMA]

Forest (2020) [KDRAMA]

Kang San Hyuk, a man who would go to any lengths for a business deal, is the CEO of the investment company, RLI. He enters the 911 special rescue team to research about a resort development in Miryeong Forest. Jung Yeong Jae is an up-and-coming surgeon, who was sent to a deserted hospital in Miryeong after an unexpected incident.
The pair have what seems like serendipitous moments until they meet in the forest, where they are strangely drawn to each other. However, Miryeong, does not just seem to contain beautiful scenery but also home to several secrets and tragedies. With no memories of his childhood and suffering from psychological trauma, will Kang Sun Hyuk be able to save his business deal, keep his secrets from the next-door doctor and the rest of the rescue team or will he choose his heart over everything else, so as to save Miryeong and its residents?
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Also known as: Sikeulis, Sikeurit, Secret, 시크릿, Poreseuteu

Genres: BusinessPsychologicalRomanceMedical

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