image of drama Fly High [KDRAMA]

Fly High [KDRAMA]

This web-drama deals with school violence and delivers the message that victims of school violence can overcome their traumas with guided care and attention. Who is the perpetrator and who is the victim? Who will heal them with trauma and guilt? The Justice team is reaching out.

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Also known as: Fly High

Genres: Drama

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Fly.High.E09.mkv 6 192.9MB
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Fly.High.E11.mkv 6 141.9MB
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Fly.High.E14.mkv 6 155.4MB
Fly.High.E15.mkv 6 164.4MB
Fly.High.E16.mkv 6 149.2MB
Fly.High.E17.mkv 6 158MB
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Fly.High.E19.mkv 6 172.4MB

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