image of drama Fighting for Love (2024) [CDRAMA]

Fighting for Love (2024) [CDRAMA]

The story follows A Mai, a female general of the founding era of the Southern Xia dynasty, who discards her feminine attire and dons battle armor, enduring hardships to become a legendary female warrior. A Mai, the daughter of the Duke of Jingguo in Southern Xia, witnesses her entire family being killed by her childhood friend Chen Qi. Years later, A Mai, now a young woman, disguises herself as a man and roams the martial world, seeking revenge against Chen Qi.
Through a series of coincidences, A Mai saves Shang Yi Zhi, the son of the Grand Princess, and subsequently helps him escape from dangerous situations multiple times, intertwining their destinies. As war breaks out, A Mai sheds her feminine attire and joins the military, becoming an infantry soldier. With her exceptional military talents, she achieves remarkable feats and rises to the rank of General Mai. Alongside this, she assists Shang Yi Zhi, who is hunted and faces difficulties, in finding his true self and accomplishing great deeds.
On the battlefield, A Mai repeatedly clashes with General Chang Yu Qing from the enemy forces. Despite their confrontations, they unintentionally go through life-and-death situations together, developing a mutual understanding and respect. However, faced with the brutality of war, A Mai willingly sets aside personal attachments and uses her youth and fervor to defend her army.
(Source: iQiyi)
~~ Adapted from the novel "A Mai Cong Jun" (阿麦从军 ) by Xian Cheng (鲜橙).

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Also known as: Soldier A Mai, A Mai Joins the Army, A Mai Joins The Military, A Mai Cong Jun, Huang Ye Ka Fei Guan, 阿麥從軍

Genres: ActionHistoricalRomanceWar

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