image of drama Father, I'll Take Care of You (2016) [KDRAMA]

Father, I'll Take Care of You (2016) [KDRAMA]

Corrupt detective Han Jong Sik (Kim Seung Woo) takes care of a gang and gets kickbacks to save his daughter. One day he gets news from the organ transplant coordinator that they have found a heart for his daughter (kim Sae Ron). However, he finds out the donor is magician Na Sang Man (Son Byeong Ho) who he put false charges over and was in jail.

Sang Man lost his young daughterand wife and became a vegetative state himself. Jong Sik guesses he wouldn't allow the transplant so he plans a way to get rid of him. Just as Sang Man is about to go over in the hands of a gang and get surgery, he realizes the plan and disappears with Jong Sik's daughter.

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