image of drama Epic Chushingura (1971) [JDRAMA]

Epic Chushingura (1971) [JDRAMA]

The famous Japanese legend of the enforced suicide of Lord Asano and the epic attempt by his loyal forty-seven samurai to avenge their unjustly punished lord is the basis for this year-long drama.

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Also known as: Epic Chushingura, Dai Chûshingura

Genres: ActionAdventureHistoricalDrama

Files Server Size
01-The Crises Surrounding Ako Castle.mkv 6 449.1MB
02-A Swirling Dark Mist.mkv 6 459.7MB
03-Noble Samurai Spirit.mkv 6 460.7MB
04-Unbearable Days.mkv 6 459.7MB
05-The Longest Day in Genroku Period.mkv 6 431.6MB
06-The Sad News Delivered to Ako.mkv 6 378.4MB
07-The Great Decision.mkv 6 394.5MB
08-Secret Operations Behind the Scenes.mkv 6 448.4MB
09-The Great Discussion.mkv 6 398.1MB
10-The Covered-up Petition.mkv 6 308.1MB
11-Records of an Oath Sealed in Blood.mkv 6 358.3MB
12-The Day of Ako Castle's Confiscation.mkv 6 348.2MB
13-Low Ranking Samurai.mkv 6 371.3MB
14-The Dowry of Yokein.mkv 6 378.3MB
15-The Hair-Cutting Stalker.mkv 6 340.4MB
16-The Yagyu Secret Agents.mkv 6 343.2MB
17-A Revolt Against the Government.mkv 6 352.1MB
18-Break-Up.mkv 6 380.6MB
19-The Quiet Showdown.mkv 6 370.9MB
20-The Sorrowful Samurai Spirit.mkv 6 356.4MB
21-Woman Spy.mkv 6 351.8MB
22-The First Dropout.mkv 6 339.5MB
23-Oishi Living Idly in Fushimi.mkv 6 361.3MB
24-Invisible Evil Influence.mkv 6 392.3MB
25-The Tragic Love of Okaru and Sanpei part 1.mkv 6 399.6MB
26-The Tragic Love of Okaru and Sanpei part 2.mkv 6 400.7MB
27-The Secret Love.mkv 6 344.8MB
28-Life or Death Surveillance.mkv 6 357.4MB
29-The Love Lost in Osaka.mkv 6 400.1MB
30-A Group of Assassins Heads for Yamashina.mkv 6 428.7MB
31-The Covenant of Men.mkv 6 356.1MB
32-Secret Meeting on the Sumida-Gawa River.mkv 6 274.6MB
33-Farewell at Yamashina.mkv 6 347MB
34-The Young Lions.mkv 6 402.4MB
35-The Female Koto Player.mkv 6 409MB
36-Two Mothers of Young Loyal Retainers.mkv 6 384.6MB
37-Amanoya Rihei is a Proud Man.mkv 6 356MB
38-Oishi Travels East.mkv 6 378.3MB
39-Infiltration of Edo at Dawn.mkv 6 353.8MB
40-People of the Kira Clan.mkv 6 358.6MB
41-The Duel of Horibe Yasubei.mkv 6 366.3MB
42-Master Spearman Tawaraboshi Genba.mkv 6 366.4MB
43-A Loyal Vassal Hastily Falling.mkv 6 354.7MB
44-A Woman in Love with an Enemy.mkv 6 333.3MB
45-Heading to Honjo Matsuzaka-Cho.mkv 6 320.7MB
46-Where will I Be on the 14th?.mkv 6 337.9MB
47-The Forty-Eighth Man.mkv 6 406.5MB
48-Snow on the 14th Day of the 12th Lunar Month.mkv 6 494.5MB
49-Farewell in the Snow at Nambuzaka.mkv 6 377.9MB
50-The Raid part 1.mkv 6 436.1MB
51-The Raid part 2.mkv 6 418.7MB
52-RitualI Suicide.mkv 6 377MB

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