image of drama Dream High 2 [KDrama]

Dream High 2 [KDrama]

In the second season, the high school goes into financial bankruptcy and is taken over by Oz Entertainment. The company transfers its young idols-in-training to satisfy a new law that requires underage entertainers to receive 20 hours per week of education and prohibits working past 10 p.m.
As the idol-in-training teens clash with the current students, rivalries erupt as well as secret crushes and unexpected alliances.
Shin Hae Sung dreams of a career in music although she only knows it through books rather than actually performing it. Jin Yoo Jin, a former child star, flouts school rules and is constantly getting into trouble in his quest to become a hard-core rock star. He also butts heads with JB, who is a member of the famous group I:dn. JB’s ex-girlfriend, Rian, who is a member of the famous K-pop group Hershe, wants him back but he starts to develop a crush on Hae Sung. Nanahas what it takes to become a top vocalist. But who can achieve the ultimate stardom?
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Also known as: Dream High Season 2, Sueña sin límites 2

Genres: MusicComedyRomanceSchool

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image of drama Dream High [KDrama]

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