image of drama Crazy Alien (2019) [CDRAMA]

Crazy Alien (2019) [CDRAMA]

A hysterical story that follows a man and his friend who wants to get rich as they get caught in an unusual inter-species battle.
Geng Hao and his good friend Da Fe are both managing their failing enterprises when the unexpected arrival of a guest from outer space disrupts their quiet yet straitened circumstances. A mysterious force has sent the Heng Ha Generals to search for the alien′s whereabouts.
~~ Adapted from the graphic novel "Village Teacher" (乡村教师) by Liu Ci Xin (刘慈欣).

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Also known as: Feng Kuang De Wai Xing Ren, 瘋狂的外星人

Genres: ActionAdventureComedySci-Fi

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