image of drama Count Your Lucky Stars (2020) [CDRAMA]

Count Your Lucky Stars (2020) [CDRAMA]

A legend in the world of fashion, Lu Xing Cheng is known for his discerning eye, impeccable taste, and unbelievable luck. He’s also known for his sharp tongue and puffed up personality but when anything he works on becomes an instant success, he’s entitled to a certain number of airs. At the top of his game, Xing Cheng really does have it all.
Struggling to get by on the opposite end of the spectrum is Tong Xiao You, an unknown fashion designer with an never-ending string of bad luck. Eternally jinxed, Xiao You could spend the rest of her life working hard and never manage to get ahead. Every day is a struggle and she’s just doing what she can to survive. Little does she know her luck is about to change! When fate brings Xing Cheng and Xiao You together in an unusual and unexpected way, the two find that their luck has been reversed. Suddenly an overnight success, Xiao You finds herself basking in the spotlight while Xing Cheng desperately searches for a way to rid himself of his current string of bad luck. But will getting his old life back really bring Xing Cheng the happiness he desires, or will spending time with Xiao You reveal a path into an even brighter future?
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Also known as: Exchange of Luck, Count Your Lucky Stars, The Exchange Luck, I Really Like You, Wo Hao Xi Huan Ni, 交换吧,运气, Jiao Huan Ba Yun Qi

Genres: BusinessComedyRomanceLifeDrama

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Count.Your.Lucky.Stars.2020.E18.WEB-DL.4k.H265.AAC-HDCTV.mp4 6 1.6GB
Count.Your.Lucky.Stars.2020.E19.WEB-DL.4k.H265.AAC-HDCTV.mp4 6 1.3GB
Count.Your.Lucky.Stars.2020.E20.WEB-DL.4k.H265.AAC-HDCTV.mp4 6 1.4GB
Count.Your.Lucky.Stars.2020.E21.WEB-DL.4k.H265.AAC-HDCTV.mp4 6 1.6GB
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Count.Your.Lucky.Stars.2020.E26.WEB-DL.4k.H265.AAC-HDCTV.mp4 6 1.7GB
Count.Your.Lucky.Stars.2020.E27.WEB-DL.4k.H265.AAC-HDCTV.mp4 6 1.7GB
Count.Your.Lucky.Stars.2020.E28.WEB-DL.4k.H265.AAC-HDCTV.mp4 6 1.8GB
Count.Your.Lucky.Stars.2020.E29.WEB-DL.4k.H265.AAC-HDCTV.mp4 6 1.6GB
Count.Your.Lucky.Stars.2020.E30.WEB-DL.4k.H265.AAC-HDCTV.mp4 6 1.5GB
Count.Your.Lucky.Stars.2020.E31.WEB-DL.4k.H265.AAC-HDCTV.mp4 6 1.6GB
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