image of drama Chouchou-san (2011) [JDRAMA]

Chouchou-san (2011) [JDRAMA]

Like the opera, the story is set in Nagasaki in the early 1900s. It portrays the ups and downs of a young woman known as Butterfly (Miyazak), who lost her parents at a young age and has become an apprentice geisha. She later meets a naval officer and gets married, though the officer intends for the marriage to last only while he is stationed in Nagasaki.

Also known as: Madame Butterfly

Genres: Romance, Drama

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image of drama Painter Of The Wind (2008) [KDRAMA]

Painter Of The Wind (2008) [KDRAMA]

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image of drama Six Flying Dragons (2015) [KDRAMA]

Six Flying Dragons (2015) [KDRAMA]

A fiction historical drama about the ambitions and success of six characters based around Lee Bang Won.

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