image of drama Can't lose 2011 [KDRAMA]

Can't lose 2011 [KDRAMA]

Introducing E-V-E Instant Experiences, the canned experiences that allow you to have a chance to live the life of others giving you the experiences so real as if you really do it yourself.
“Mon”, who is using the CANs, has now travelled the world of others countlessly. She turns from just a user to a professional canned experience reviewer.
“Pairry Vol.9” is the CAN that Mon chooses to use repeatedly on her free time because there is something in it that she is addicted to. It is something that reminds her of “Kian,” her ex-boyfriend who is against using canned experiences and finally causes their broke up.
Until one day, Kian decides to step into the world of E-V-E to try to better understand Mon. This, however, becomes the beginning of the story which connects everyone’s experiences, including you.

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Genres: DramaSci-Fi

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