image of drama Battle of Changsha (2014) [CDRAMA]

Battle of Changsha (2014) [CDRAMA]

′Battle of Changsha′ retells the turbulent events of the second Sino-Japanese War from the perspective of the Hu family, particularly through the eyes of a 16-year-old girl named Hu Xiang Xiang and her twin brother, Hu Xiao Man.
Gu Qing Ming is a strict Intelligence Officer in the Nationalist Army and the only son of a prominent political family who, against his family′s wishes, longs to join the war frontlines and serve his country. He crosses paths with the feisty Hu Xiang Xiang during a matchmaking event held against their wills, and so begins Gu Qing Ming′s unwitting interactions and encounters with the rest of the Hu family.
But as the war intensifies and Changsha is repeatedly under siege, Gu Qing Ming and Hu Xiang Xiang soon learn that there′s more to each other than meets the eye, and can their budding relationship survive the flames of war and the threat of separation?
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~~ Adapted from the novel ′Battle of Changsha′ (战长沙) by Que Que (却却).

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Also known as: My Warlord Lover, Zhan Chang Sha, 戰長沙

Genres: MilitaryHistoricalRomanceWar

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