image of drama Backstreet Rookie (2020) [KDRAMA]

Backstreet Rookie (2020) [KDRAMA]

Jung Saet Byul is a 22-year-old, four-dimensional girl with amazing fighting skills, loves her friends, family, and retro-fashion. She has the boys lined up but only convenience store owner Choi Dae Hyun holds her attention. Three years ago, he became imprinted upon her as an 'unforgettable person' after a cigarette errand. Flash forward to the present; Jung Saet Byul applies for a part-time position at Choi Dae Hyun's convenience store, which he also manages. There their love story begins as they heal the wounds of the heart, gain love, and become adults dreaming of the future.
(Source: SBS)

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Also known as: Convenience Store, Convenience Store Venus, Convenience Store Morning Star, Pyeonuijeom Saetbyeoli, Convenience Store Saet Byul

Genres: ActionBusinessComedyRomanceLifeDrama

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