image of drama Attention Please [JDRAMA]

Attention Please [JDRAMA]

Now that Yoko has passed her basic courses and has become a CA, she begins her training to be placed on international flights. As part of her instruction, she'll be flying to Honolulu, Hawaii! -dramawiki

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Also known as: Attention Please! SP Honolulu, Hawaii

Genres: Comedy

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image of drama Attention Please SP (2007) [JDRAMA]

Attention Please SP (2007) [JDRAMA]

The 2008 special takes place in Sydney, Australia. -dramawiki

image of drama Attention, Love (2017) [CDRAMA]

Attention, Love (2017) [CDRAMA]

A boy and a girl were destined to be together since birth. A long time ago, two best friends each had a child. One named his son Li Zheng, which means “attention,” and the other named his daughter Shao Xi, which means “at ease” in military...