image of drama At Home Dad [JDRAMA]

At Home Dad [JDRAMA]

Sequel Special to the main series

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image of drama The Magic Touch of Fate [TWDRAMA]

The Magic Touch of Fate [TWDRAMA]

This drama interweaves a refreshing storyline involving the world of magic and spells; adding spices to a whole new dynamic love drama of the 21st century waiting to be disclosed.

image of drama Watashitachi no Kyokasho [JDRAMA]

Watashitachi no Kyokasho [JDRAMA]

Tamako, an elite lawyer with a promising future, works for a reputable law firm. She is recently given an opportunity to take a case involving a young child who has been bullied at a local elementary school. Fully aware of the difficulties...

image of drama  Imaginary Cat (2015) [KDRAMA]

Imaginary Cat (2015) [KDRAMA]

Hyun Jong-Hyun is a webtoon writer and works part-time at a bookstore. He always dreamed of working of as webtoon writer, but he has difficulties due to his stubborn and self-centered personality. He also has a cat named Boggil. He first met his...