image of drama At Home Dad [JDRAMA]

At Home Dad [JDRAMA]

Sequel Special to the main series

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image of drama Natsu no koi wa nijiiro ni kagayaku [JDRAMA]

Natsu no koi wa nijiiro ni kagayaku [JDRAMA]

Taiga Kusunoki (Jun Matsumoto) is a less than popular, tsundere, second-generation actor. Although he is the son of the famous and popular actor Kotaro Kusunoki (Shiro Ito) his career is far below the level of his father's. Taiga develops an...

image of drama Whats Up Fox [KDRAMA]

Whats Up Fox [KDRAMA]

Single 33 year-old Go Byeong Hee works as a reporter for a sex magazine. She wants more romance and a more respectable life but isn't sure how to get it.

24-year-old Park Chul Su, mechanic and world traveler, is the younger brother of...

image of drama Death Note (2015) [JDRAMA]

Death Note (2015) [JDRAMA]

A Shinigami (Death God) drops a notebook in the human world where a young genius picks it up. The notebook displays the message: "The human whose name is written in this note shall die" It is the notebook of death that can determine when...