image of drama At Home Dad [JDRAMA]

At Home Dad [JDRAMA]

Sequel Special to the main series

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image of drama Futatsu no Spica [JDRAMA]

Futatsu no Spica [JDRAMA]

A story about five teenagers who train to becoming astronauts. Asumi whose father was a space rocket designer, becomes interested in space and joins astronaut training school after finishing junior high school. Asumi works hard under an intense...

image of drama Great Teacher Onizuka [JDRAMA]

Great Teacher Onizuka [JDRAMA]

The national university entrance examination is coming up and the students of Class 3/4, which Onizuka Eikichi (AKIRA) is in charge of, enter exam mode. Onizuka who conducts career counselling for the students with assistant form teacher Fuyutsuki...

image of drama Patriotic Knight [CDRAMA)

Patriotic Knight [CDRAMA)

The powerful head of the Manchurian constable is scheming to prevent martial artists from rebelling against the Ching government. Only Kam, a scoundrel who is actually a superb martial artist in disguise, can see through the constable's plan. He...