image of drama At a Distancem Spring is Green (2021) [KDRAMA]

At a Distancem Spring is Green (2021) [KDRAMA]

A coming of age story about young people in their twenties and the problems they face in university. Nam Soo Hyun and Yeo Joon, two boys with contrasting personalities, unexpectedly become friends when working on a project together.
Depicts the realistic worries and conflicts of university students in their 20's, centered around 1st-year student Yeo Joon. Even though Yeo Joon has an attractive appearance and comes from a wealthy background, he carries pain inside. His character is a puppy-dog freshman who takes a liking to a sunbae and follows him around, leading to an unlikely friendship between two very different boys.
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~~ Adapted from the webtoon "Campus Life" (멀리서 보면 푸른 봄) by Ji Nyoong (지늉).

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Also known as: A Blue Spring from Afar, From Distance, Blue Spring, From a Distance, a Green Spring, Seen from a Distance, Green Spring, Blue Spring From a Distance, Meolriseo Bomyun Pooreun Bom

Genres: RomanceLifeYouth

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