image of drama Argon (2017) [KDRAMA]

Argon (2017) [KDRAMA]

Kim Baek Jin is a popular anchor, reporter, and leader of investigative reporting program Argon. He does not tolerate unverified reports and requires facts he can personally stand behind. He also demands this standard of journalistic integrity from his team, who often call him "the Psycho" behind his back.
After Kim Baek Jin′s team reports on a story that Argon′s broadcast station′s higher-ups disapprove of, the program is bumped to the midnight slot and Kim loses of his senior reporter. Lee Yeon Hwa is a rookie contract reporter who′s assigned to the team to replace him, and she works hard as she′s always looked up to Kim Baek Jin as a role model from afar. The team at Argon grows through many trials as they struggle to tell true and meaningful news stories that the public needs to hear—all while the broadcast company tries to undermine their goals at every turn.

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Also known as: Areugon, Arogon

Genres: MysteryDramaPolitical

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