image of drama April Fools (2015) [JDRAMA]

April Fools (2015) [JDRAMA]

All these vignettes occur on April Fool’s Day, but are they real or merely pranks of the day?
Extremely shy Ayumi Nitta is a hospital janitor who has a one-night stand with surgeon and confirmed womanizer Wataru Makino, only to end up pregnant. When she shares the news with Wataru, he passes it off as some sort of really bad April Fool’s joke. Wataru takes his date Reiko out for dinner, only to find Ayumi at the same restaurant and ready to confront him.
Student thinks he’s an alien after reading his messages on the internet; a police detective suspects a senior lady of running a bogus shaman service; a middle-aged couple pretend to be royals to fulfil the wife′s dying wish; a ′kidnapped′ school student with her family; and friends stay together, despite their different sexualities.
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