image of drama Apoyan (2013) [JDRAMA]

Apoyan (2013) [JDRAMA]

Based on the serialised novel by Shinno Takeshi, Apoyan tells the story of the people behind every overseas trip. From the travel agents to the people working at the airport.
Endo Keita works for JALPAK, and was based at the Head Office, in charge of the overseas packages' projects. One day, he was suddenly ordered to transfer to Narita Airport. It was a well-known fact within the company that the non-performers were sent to work the counters at Narita, where the duties of one were just to serve the incoming and outgoing travelers. This made Endo realise that the management probably sees him as useless, unable to contribute to the sales increase for the company. As he had joined the company with the sole desire to create tour packages, Endo became really depressed and started entertaining thoughts of leaving the company.
On his first day at work in Narita, Endo is shocked by the persona of his manager, Imaizumi Toshio, who seems like a totally useless guy, smiling foolishly all the time. His staff are mostly women, and one of them, Morio Haruko is downright hostile to him. The only one who seems to show any kindness to him is Baba Hanae. Endo tries his best at his new role, hoping that he will soon be transferred back to his old job at the Head Office. From 「as long as the customers depart」 to 「let the customers depart with a smile」, Endo slowly learns to be passionate about his new job, through helping all the customers resolve their troubles prior to their departure.

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Also known as: 走る国際空港 / Hashiru Kokusai Kuukou, Apoyan - Running International Airport

Genres: あぽやん

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