image of drama Anmitsu Hime [JSPECIAL]

Anmitsu Hime [JSPECIAL]

At age 16, a tomboy princess, Princess Anmitsu, has no love interest in her life and worries her parents. Despite their concern, Anmitsu runs away from the castle to venture into the commoners' life. During her daring adventure, she befriends a group of children who make a living by pick-pocketing. At the same time, she finally meets her prince charming Senbei, the leader of the group. However, she soon finds herself in read morean awkward position when she learns of the children's new plot: they are planning to steal the treasures from her own castle. Will she be able to put a stop to it without revealing her true identity?

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Tokkyu Tanaka 3 Go [JDRAMA]

After two years of preparation, Ichiro Tanaka finally enters a university disdained as a third-class one. Out of his ardent desire to become popular with girls, he by chance steps into the world of the railroad "otaku" (commonly called...

image of drama Maison Ikkoku [JDrama]

Maison Ikkoku [JDrama]

1986 Live-action movie based on Rumiko Takahashi's manga Maison Ikkoku.

image of drama Kogals


There is a mute girl that lives among factories in a drab seaside town. A man comes along and takes care of her, but only to turn her into a prostitute. He eventually distributes flyers advertising her services.A woman than comes along and notices...