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Shikamori Umi is an overwhelmed office worker. Her boss always pushes Umi to the limits saying that she is essential to the company, and makes her not able to get enough sleep or time for herself.
One day, when Umi is working on the set of a live broadcast, she falls asleep. This results in a viral moment where she is described later as the ′sleeping AD′ and an employee of a black company, as well as her boss being called ′old fashioned′ and from the showa-era.
She doesn′t like herself and what she has become while working in the office, and instead of returning and remaining the same, she tries her luck in a makeup agency called Animal Beauty. With her new mindset she becomes an intern, where she meets Kazao, a photographer who becomes her friend, and Sakaki Keisuke, the handsome CEO of Animal Beauty.
While trying her best at work and in changing herself, will she be able to fall in love and overcome her difficulties?
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Also known as: Animaruzu

Genres: BusinessRomanceDrama

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