image of drama Angel Eyes (2014) [KDRAMA]

Angel Eyes (2014) [KDRAMA]

Park Dong Joo is an intelligent and bright high-school boy who, after losing his father in a tragic accident, grew up in a warm and loving household with his mother and his sick younger sister. He does early morning part-time jobs to help his little family make ends meet and meets a blind girl, Yoon Soo Wan, in one of his early morning runs. The pair fall in love but had to separate due to sad and conflicting family histories.
12 years later, Park Dong Joo returns to South Korea after qualifying as an outstanding surgeon from the United States and he meets Yoon Soo Wan again. Unfortunately, Yoon Soo Wan, who had undergone an eye-transplant surgery and is now able to see, is unable to recognise him and even has a new boyfriend. What will Park Dong Joo do, and can the family histories which separated them be overcome again?
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Also known as: Enjelaijeu

Genres: RomanceMedicalMelodrama

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