image of drama And the Baton Was Passed (2021) [JDRAMA]

And the Baton Was Passed (2021) [JDRAMA]

Story 1 "Ice and Snow Love"
Set in the year 1980, the story follows Yan Zhen Hua, a young ice skater who has been selected to enter a sports school in Harbin, China, with his friend, Tang Jian. Both of them, who grew up in the ′snow′, have been fighting hard for their dreams with hope since they were children. In the school, they both met Li Bing He, a girl from the city who has a bright and smart personality. The three of them eventually became close friends who shared one thing in common, a dream on the ice. Because of an accident, Tang Jian quit speed skating, and his dreams were shattered. Then, Yan Zhen Hua became a skating partner with Li Bing He. The two establish empathy as they go through many competitions together and, eventually, fall in love with each other. However, after various twists and turns, both of them decided to break up. Yan Zhen Hua turned into a short track speed skater to continue their dreams as the three eventually parted ways.
Story 2 "Winter Olympics Dream"
Set during the year 2019, when China is making adequate preparations for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The story follows Yan Yang, the son of Yan Zhen Hua, who was selected from the local club for the short-track speed skating national Olympic training camp. In the camp, he met Jin Ying, Tang Han and other outstanding players, as well as coach Chen Jin and team doctor Li Nian Xue. He has worked hard, from sparring with female team skaters to being a full-time skater. His understanding of sportsmanship and the Olympic spirit has gradually deepened in his heart. After finding out his parent′s story, he has become more determined in his dreams. The journey of the previous generation of Winter Olympics was full of regrets, but the skaters of the new era took over the baton and continued their dreams.
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~~ Dedicated to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

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Also known as: To Our Homeland of Ice, Ice and Snow Love, Winter Olympics Dream, Bing Xue Zhi Ming, 冰雪之名:下篇, 冬奥梦想, 冰雪情缘

Genres: RomanceFamilySports

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