image of drama Amor (2015) [KDRAMA]

Amor (2015) [KDRAMA]

Tae Woo, a zookeeper, is having a tough time because his lover, Hee Yeon is in the hospital with her inevitable death date. Tae Woo feels her approaching death and Hee Yeon tells him to get rid of the memories they share between them. 
One day, while Tae Woo is in sadness thinking about saying goodbye to Hee Yeon, he finds a woman on the bathroom floor with her clothes torn up. She doesn't answer to his questions asking her name and such so he brings her home. He finds the woman waiting for him when he returns home from work and they start living together. Who is that woman who is by Tae Woo's side?

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Genres: MusicRomanceDrama

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