image of drama Amai Seikatsu

Amai Seikatsu

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Secret Garden 2010 [KDRAMA]

Chinese movie version of the famous korean drama Secret Garden (2010).

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Blue Spring Ride (2014) [JDRAMA]

When she was a middle school student, Yoshioka Futaba liked Tanaka Kou who was unlike the other boys and quite gentle. Kou then moved away and they lost contact.

At the end of Futaba's first year as a high school student she meets Kou again....

image of drama Ghost Friend [JDRAMA]

Ghost Friend [JDRAMA]

A comedy story about a teenage girl who runs into mysterious happenings through her communicating with ghosts. Asuka suddenly develops her supernatural ability after her traffic accident. While trying to help make ghosts' wishes come true, she...