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Amai Seikatsu

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Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (2016) [KDRAMA]

Hong Ra On disguises herself as a man and counsels men on dating. Due to a love letter she wrote for a client, she meets Crown Prince Hyo Myeong. Ra On is unaware that he is the Crown Prince and Hyo Myeong is unaware that Ra On is a woman. The Crown...

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Orange Marmalade (2015) [KDRAMA]

Set in a fantasy world where humans and vampires coexist, the latter have evolved and no longer rely on human blood as food. Still, they are feared and discriminated against by society, causing many of them to hide their true nature and live as...

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Ninkyo Helper [JDRAMA]

Taking part one year after the original series, this special focuses on the new life of the former helpers, living their seperated lives. However, an enemy group of Yakuza deceiving old people somehow makes the group join forces again, re-opening...