image of drama Amai Seikatsu

Amai Seikatsu

Consists of 4 episodes based on the compilation of short stories.
Ep. 1 - Otto to UFO ni Nayamu Tsuma: Minako (Mizukawa) starts to worry about her husband's (Koizumi) mental state when he comes home excitedly to tell her about the UFO he saw in the park.
Ep. 2 - Shigoto ga Dekinai Otto ni Nayamu Tsuma: Megumi (Mizukawa) starts to feel worried about her husband's (Otani) career when she attends hiscompany's baseball tournament and realises how he's being heckled by his colleagues.
Ep. 3 - Hajimete no Satogaeri ni Nayamu Tsuma: Career woman Sayo (Mizukawa) goes to her husband's (Katsuji) home for the first time since they got married and is troubled over how to reject her father-in-law's request to live with them.
Ep. 4 - Amai Seikatsu? ni Nayamu Tsuma: Masami (Mizukawa) tries to please her husband (Koike) by sending him regular emails and cooking his favourite dishes but he seems to be happier living as if he is single.
~~Based on the compilation of short stories by Okuda Hideo.

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