image of drama Alice in Borderlands (2020) [JDRAMA]

Alice in Borderlands (2020) [JDRAMA]

Arisu—a listless, jobless and video-game-obsessed young man—suddenly finds himself in a strange, emptied-out version of Tokyo in which he and his friends must compete in dangerous games in order to survive. In this strange world, Arisu meets Usagi, a young woman who’s navigating the games alone. Together, they set out to unravel one mystery after another as they risk their lives and confront what it means to live.
(Source: Netflix)
~~ Adapted from the manga series "Imawa no Kuni no Alice" by Haro Aso.

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Also known as: Imawa no Kuni no Arisu, Alice in Borderland

Genres: ActionThrillerPsychologicalSupernaturalMature

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[第 1 季.Ep2] 今際之國的有栖 - 第 2 集.mkv 2 3.2GB
[第 1 季.Ep3] 今際之國的有栖 - 第 3 集.mkv 2 3GB
[第 1 季.Ep4] 今際之國的有栖 - 第 4 集.mkv 2 3.3GB
[第 1 季.Ep5] 今際之國的有栖 - 第 5 集.mkv 2 3.3GB
[第 1 季.Ep6] 今際之國的有栖 - 第 6 集.mkv 2 2.4GB
[第 1 季.Ep7] 今際之國的有栖 - 第 7 集.mkv 2 3.1GB
[第 1 季.Ep8] 今際之國的有栖 - 第 8 集.mkv 2 3.8GB

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