image of drama Akumu-chan (2012) [JDRAMA]

Akumu-chan (2012) [JDRAMA]

A somewhat strange girl named Koto Yuiko transfers to the class taught by Mutoi Ayami. Koto Yuiko has the special ability to make her dreams come true, but the outcome is usually a disaster. Mutoi Ayami doesn't want to become involved, but it soon affects her.

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image of drama Trick [JDRAMA]

Trick [JDRAMA]

Naoko Yamada a a self-proclaimed “super magician” repeatedly finds herself enlisted to help a self-proclaimed “genius physicist” and skeptic named Jiro Ueda as he attempts to expose fraudulent spiritualists and others who seem to have...

image of drama Nobuta wo Produce [JDRAMA]

Nobuta wo Produce [JDRAMA]

Shuji Kiritani is one of the most popular guys in his school. He is pretending to care for all of his classmates,but deep down, is quiet and doesn't open up to others.But for some reason,when his eccentric classmate Akira Kusano is around, he...

image of drama Mukodono 2003 [JDRAMA]

Mukodono 2003 [JDRAMA]

On the outside he's a cool and handsome big star, the #1 man whom women in Japan would love to be held by. Actually, however, he's a real geek, a guy who is sentimental and warm-hearted. Announcing the return of Yuichiro Sakuraba! That major...