image of drama Akihabara DEEP Search [JDRAMA]

Akihabara DEEP Search [JDRAMA]

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image of drama Attack on Titan 2015 [JDRAMA]

Attack on Titan 2015 [JDRAMA]

The highly anticipated live-action adaptation of Isayama Hajime’s "Shingeki no Kyojin", second part movie in 2015.

image of drama Sunshine of Love [KDRAMA]

Sunshine of Love [KDRAMA]

Yeon Woo grew up happy in a loving family. One day, her father had died mysteriously, and her mother remarried a man who was 10 years younger than her. Misfortunes never come singly. Her mother died of Wilson’s disease and her step-father ran away...

image of drama Tokyo Juliet [TWDRAMA]

Tokyo Juliet [TWDRAMA]

When Lin Lai Sui's stolen fashion design, Daisy, rocketed Chu Xing into becoming one of the top fashion designers in the world, Lai Sui vowed not to fall in love until she become more famous than him. That is until she meets Ji Feng Liang who...