image of drama Akihabara DEEP Search [JDRAMA]

Akihabara DEEP Search [JDRAMA]

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image of drama Kindaichi [JDRAMA]

Kindaichi [JDRAMA]

Ryujo Hoshiko comes to detective Kindaichi Kosuke’s office with a request. She would like him to investigate an attempt to poison her father, Baron Ryujo Kiyohisa. Hoshiko says this may have something to do with the issues of succession such as...

image of drama Mischievous Kiss 2 (Itazura na Kiss 2) - Love in Tokyo 2 [JDRAMA]

Mischievous Kiss 2 (Itazura na Kiss 2) - Love in Tokyo 2 [JDRAMA]

The special will follow Kotoko and Naoki as they go on their honeymoon in Okinawa, Japan.

image of drama I Summon You, Gold (2013) [KDRAMA]

I Summon You, Gold (2013) [KDRAMA]

A family drama that defines marriage and family; and trick and truth; about middle class people.

Mong-hee and Yoo-na are two different women who look exactly the same, so much so they could be twins. Mong-hee is a cheerful and hardworking...