image of drama Ai to Makoto (2012) [JDRAMA]

Ai to Makoto (2012) [JDRAMA]


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image of drama On Air 2008 [KDRAMA]

On Air 2008 [KDRAMA]

In Hong Kong, Lam Mei Lan is determined to hold onto her grandfather's noodle shop despite plans for redevelopment in the area. She meets Tao Tetsuya, a from Tokyo who is supposed to be looking after a friend's cats in the apartment opposite...

image of drama Ushi ni Negai wo - Love and Farm [JDRAMA]

Ushi ni Negai wo - Love and Farm [JDRAMA]

Six agriculture students travel north to Hokkaido for first-hand training and experience in a farm setting. The story focuses not only on their daily life and their growth as young men and women, but also on the economic situation in the region,...

image of drama Beautiful Rain [JDRAMA]

Beautiful Rain [JDRAMA]

A young daughter (Mana Ashida) supports her father (Etsushi Toyokawa) who is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.