image of drama Ai to Makoto (2012) [JDRAMA]

Ai to Makoto (2012) [JDRAMA]


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image of drama Wish to see you Again [TWDRAMA]

Wish to see you Again [TWDRAMA]

Xu Le is a bestselling author who never left home. He was recently struck with a case of writer's block and decides to search for inspiration. So he decides to work as a taxi driver hoping that by listening to his passengers; he'll be struck...

image of drama Kimi Hannin Janai Yo Ne (2008) [JDRAMA]

Kimi Hannin Janai Yo Ne (2008) [JDRAMA]

Morita Sakura is a peculiar "freeter" (freelance part-timer) who dreams of becoming a mystery novel writer. While switching between various jobs throughout the series, she also becomes an assistant to Officer Udagawa, a detective who...

image of drama Take Care of Us, Captain (2012) [KDRAMA]

Take Care of Us, Captain (2012) [KDRAMA]

The drama began filming with location shoots in Australia and unfolds around the character growth, careers, and romances of those working at an airport.
Kim Yoon Sung is the talented pilot of a passenger airline who gets saddled with a new co-pilot...