image of drama Age Harassment (2015) [JDRAMA]

Age Harassment (2015) [JDRAMA]

Emiri Yoshii (Emi Takei) begins work at a general trading company. Due to her family′s failure in business, she had to give up her dream of earning a MBA in America. Now, she hopes to become an executive of a company. Emiri is sent to the general affairs department at the trading company. She freaks out when she learns that lower level employees have to wear uniforms and she has to deal with everything from changing light bulbs to ordering business cards. Nonetheless, she works hard to pay off her family′s debt.

Emiri then finds herself in the crosshair of coworkers. Senior female employees are perturbed that she doesn′t drink coffee with them and skips their gatherings.

Meanwhile, the male employees like working with her, but only when they need an attractive women for matters like entertaining clients. The male employees do not give her serious work.

Emiri, who appears popular among the male employees, soon becomes an outcast among the senior female employees. She becomes fed up with her situation and takes action.

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Also known as: Eiji Harasumento

Genres: BusinessDrama

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