image of drama Again My Life (2022) [KDRAMA]

Again My Life (2022) [KDRAMA]

Kim Hee Woo came from an inauspicious start as a low-grade high schooler to work his way up through university and finally pass the bar examination. His relentless hard work has finally paid dividends, and he has become a public prosecutor. During the course of his investigations, he must conduct a probe into a politician suspected of corruption. But his investigation is abruptly ended when a mysterious man kills him.
However, he later comes to, finding that he is actually alive. Restored to the mortal realm, he finds that he must return to university and complete his academic journey again – while he tries to discover the truth about what happened to him. On his journey, he encounters Kim Hee Ah, an exceptionally intelligent young woman who also happens to be the youngest daughter of the family that owns the wealthy Cheonha business group. As Kim Hee Woo and Kim Hee Ah intensify their search for answers, they discover that a shady cabal of rich power brokers may have played a part in his “death.”
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~~ Adapted from the novel series "Again My Life" (어게인 마이 라이프) by Lee Hae Nal (이해날).

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Also known as: Eogein Mai Laipeu

Genres: MysteryLawDramaFantasy

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