image of drama Afterlife of Love and Revenge (2022) [CDRAMA]

Afterlife of Love and Revenge (2022) [CDRAMA]

Pang Long Yue, a termagant wife in Qing Shui County, protects her husband as her life depends on it. Before she was reborn, she was framed and abandoned, and only Li Qing Mu treated her with sincerity, but she still died of hatred after being instigated to leave her husband. In this life, Long Yue decides that she will cherish her love since she has the chance to be reborn and make all those who have humiliated and abandoned her pay the price!
~~ Adapted from the web novel "Chong Sheng E Fu Bu Hao Re" (重生恶妇不好惹) by Du Zi He Jiu (独自喝酒).

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Also known as: Wo Jia Jiao Qi Bu Hao Re, Chong Sheng E Fu Bu Hao Re, 重生恶妇不好惹, 我家嬌妻不好惹

Genres: HistoricalRomanceFantasy

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