image of drama Actress - Kon Ichikawa (1987) [JDRAMA]

Actress - Kon Ichikawa (1987) [JDRAMA]

The stage is five years after "Borderless", Nao, Kiri, and Kotone have started a new life on their own. One day, a novel written by Kiri will be published under the name of a popular young actress. Kiri is dissatisfied but cannot resist. In addition, "incidents" occur to trace the incidents in the works. They can′t believe it′s a coincidence, who imitated what and why? As they tried to get to the bottom of the truth, an inescapable tragedy struck them again...
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~~ Adapted from the novel "Actress" (アクトレス) by Honda Tetsuya (誉田哲也).

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Also known as: Akutoresu

Genres: Thriller

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