image of drama A Chinese Tall Story (2005) [CDRAMA]

A Chinese Tall Story (2005) [CDRAMA]

This movie tells the story of the Buddhist monk, Triptaka, who is on a journey with his three disciples, Monkey King, Pig Monk and Sand Monk. During their journey, they arrive at Shashe City where they are received as heroes, but no longer after it, a challenge comes to Triptaka, and failing at his first attempt his three disciples are captured by the Tree Spirit he supposed to defeat.
A new journey begins to Triptaka in which he borrows his disciple′s weapon, the Golden Pole, in order to save his disciples and defeat once and for all the Tree Spirit. But not used to be alone all the time, Triptaka soon finds himself captured by the King of Reptiles. Luck knocks on his door when he′s taken to a cave where an ignored young lizard lady lives and who falls in love with him. While he is in the cave, Triptaka finds a princess alien whom he falls in love with and thanks to this awkward love triangle, he′s able to continue his journey to save his disciples, break the rules and find love.
~~ Adapted from the novel "Journey To The West".

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Also known as: Ching Din Dai Sing

Genres: ComedyWuxiaFantasy

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