image of drama 99.9 Criminal Lawyer (2018) [JDRAMA]

99.9 Criminal Lawyer (2018) [JDRAMA]

Hiroto Miyama is a poor lawyer who takes on criminal cases, but unable to make money. He pursues the truth for the 0.1% out of Japan's 99.9% conviction rate. One day, Hiroto is scouted by Haruhiko Madarame. Haruhiko Madarame is the head of Madarame Law Firm which is one of the biggest law firms among the 4 big law firms. Hiroto Miyama begins to work with Atsuhiro Sada. Atsuhiro Sada is a lawyer specializing in civil cases and makes lots of money for the law firm. He doesn't have any interest in criminal cases which can not make money.

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Also known as: 99.9: Criminal Lawyer,

Genres: ComedyLawInvestigation

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