image of drama 33pun Tantei [JDRAMA]

33pun Tantei [JDRAMA]

Kurama Rokuro is a private detective. He is a detective story aficionado, and a mystery geek. He believes in ghosts and UFOs. He hates the sight of blood and dead bodies. Actually he has a sharp insight and a creative imagination, but his reasoning is always just a guess. When he wrongly accuses people of a crime, he sends them a gift with a note "I'm sorry about the mistake". His mission is to use all up the airtime (33 min.) to solve a quite simple case which must be settled in 5 min. His wild guesses and imagination increase the number of suspects, and his ambiguous reasoning turns the cases upside down. Can he finally discover the offender? --Fuji TV

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Also known as: 33 Minute Detective

Genres: MysteryComedy

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