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We have been serving free and high quality downloads with more than 80TB of content since 2007.
Every month, our servers serve a total amount of over 100TB bandwidth worth of downloading, which cost hundreds of $$. In addition to this, we have our content increased about 300GB each month.

Ads on pages are not paying sufficient amount of server's fee We have our site ads-free for everyone now, so I have been paying for the servers every month. To remain the site and keep it free for everyone to enjoy unlimited downloads of anime, we need your help.

What are the great features?

Features Free member Premium member
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Term of service

- Donations are provided as-is.
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- You don't have to be a premium member to request anime/drama.
- You can only use one account per time, and only one person per account. Logging in 1 account with 2 computers at the same time will only be effective for the later log-in.


- Donations are provided as-is.
- The refund amount will be the remaining day * $6/30, as in $6 per month.
- You can't ask for refund after having used up the days.