Download Anime OST album Project Justice Original Soundtrack

Album name: Project Justice Original Soundtrack
Total files: 46
Size: 49.05 MB

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Files Size
01-prologue.mp3649.84 KB
02-student selection.mp3728.21 KB
03-confrontation.mp3849.84 KB
04-justice school mountain area.mp31.31 MB
05-taiyo school rooftop.mp3902.91 KB
06-aoharu station square.mp31.30 MB
07-kanjo shrine.mp31.20 MB
08-ziggy amusement park.mp32.28 MB
09-embankment on the yamato river.mp31.29 MB
10-gorin dome.mp32.87 MB
11-seijyun girls high school courtyard.mp31.48 MB
12-taiyo school classrooms.mp31.12 MB
13-justice schools.mp3951.07 KB
14-winning screen.mp3145.35 KB
15-continue.mp3714.74 KB
16-game over.mp3122.49 KB
17-ranking.mp31.04 MB
18-stories ~ uneasiness.mp3911.89 KB
19-stories ~ doubt.mp3690.25 KB
20-stories ~ peach.mp3807.40 KB
21-stories ~ strain.mp3562.91 KB
22-stories ~ despair.mp31.03 MB
23-stories ~ ambition.mp3951.07 KB
24-stories ~ reconciliation.mp31.25 MB
25-stories ~ hope.mp3742.09 KB
26-stories ~ proud loneliness.mp3696.79 KB
27-stories ~ premontion.mp3542.50 KB
28-stories ~ return.mp3894.34 KB
29-stories ~ seal.mp3553.11 KB
30-ending ~ taiyo school.mp31.65 MB
31-ending ~ taiyo school 2.mp3958.42 KB
32-ending ~ gorin high school.mp31.28 MB
33-ending ~ gorin high school 2.mp3622.92 KB
34-ending ~ gedo high school.mp31.03 MB
35-ending ~ seijyun girl's school.mp3855.57 KB
36-ending ~ pacific high school.mp32.41 MB
37-ending ~ justice school.mp3844.55 KB
38-ending ~ dark student council.mp31.22 MB
39-free mode ending.mp3549.85 KB
40-staff roll.mp31.92 MB
41-board game.mp31.80 MB
42-character make.mp31018.01 KB
43-battle.mp3448.61 KB
44-time to end this.mp32.17 MB
45-who's number one.mp3573.52 KB
47-love-love ending.mp31.47 MB