Download Anime OST album Pokemon Gameboy Sound Collection

Album name: Pokemon Gameboy Sound Collection
Total files: 197
Size: 118.27 MB

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Files Size
101-opening.mp32.05 MB
102-palette town theme.mp31.19 MB
103-professor oak.mp3770.00 KB
104-oak research lab.mp3728.84 KB
105-rival appears.mp3683.35 KB
106-the road to viridian city - from palette.mp3963.05 KB
107-battle (vs wild pokemon).mp31.49 MB
108-victory (vs wild pokemon).mp3584.79 KB
109-pewter city's theme.mp32.07 MB
110-pokemon center.mp31.12 MB
111-pokemon recovery.mp3121.96 KB
112-viridian forest.mp32.09 MB
113-guidepost.mp3675.09 KB
114-trainer appears (girl chapter).mp3403.07 KB
115-battle (vs trainer).mp33.67 MB
116-victory (vs trainer).mp3515.87 KB
117-mt. moon cave.mp31.52 MB
118-the road to cerulean from mt. moon.mp31.48 MB
119-cerulean city's theme.mp31.17 MB
120-pokemon gym.mp31.16 MB
121-to bill's origin - from cerulean.mp3880.97 KB
122-jigglypuff's song.mp3172.27 KB
123-vermillion city's theme.mp31.04 MB
124-codename- st. anne.mp31.45 MB
125-the road to lavender town - from vermillion.mp31.41 MB
126-pokemon whistle.mp3235.37 KB
127-trainer appears (boy chapter).mp3511.25 KB
128-battle (vs gym leader).mp32.50 MB
129-victory (vs gym leader).mp3954.85 KB
130-cycling.mp31.40 MB
131-lavender town's theme.mp31.93 MB
132-pokemon tower.mp32.17 MB
133-celadon city.mp31.21 MB
134-casino.mp31.44 MB
135-trainer appears (bad guy chapter).mp3440.74 KB
136-team rocket hideout.mp32.63 MB
137-sylph company.mp31.30 MB
138-ocean.mp31.49 MB
139-cinnabar islands' theme.mp31.00 MB
140-pokemon mansion.mp31.45 MB
141-evolution.mp3609.39 KB
142-the final road.mp31.39 MB
143-last battle (vs rival).mp32.32 MB
144-into the palace.mp31.00 MB
145-ending.mp31.76 MB
146-bulbasaur.mp3339.79 KB
147-ivysaur.mp3341.34 KB
148-venusaur.mp3348.08 KB
149-charmander.mp3369.85 KB
150-charmeleon.mp3350.61 KB
151-charizard.mp3363.54 KB
152-squirtle.mp3340.74 KB
153-wartortle.mp3359.68 KB
154-blastoise.mp3366.30 KB
155-caterpie.mp3349.89 KB
156-metapod.mp3366.70 KB
157-butterfree.mp3348.24 KB
158-weedle.mp3364.06 KB
159-kakuna.mp3343.98 KB
160-beedrill.mp3368.64 KB
161-pidgey.mp3334.81 KB
162-pidgeotto.mp3353.56 KB
163-pidgeot.mp3344.70 KB
164-rattata.mp3332.16 KB
165-raticate.mp3332.68 KB
166-spearow.mp3348.46 KB
167-fearow.mp3352.24 KB
168-ekans.mp3338.46 KB
169-arbok.mp3360.27 KB
170-pikachu.mp3341.11 KB
171-raichu.mp3350.41 KB
172-sandshrew.mp3332.77 KB
173-sandslash.mp3340.01 KB
174-nidoran.mp3358.16 KB
175-nidorina.mp3357.14 KB
176-nidoqueen.mp3355.10 KB
177-nidoran.mp3355.59 KB
178-nidorino.mp3350.61 KB
179-nidoking.mp3377.21 KB
180-clefairy.mp3343.46 KB
181-clefable.mp3335.74 KB
182-vulpix.mp3354.03 KB
183-ninetails.mp3359.86 KB
184-jigglypuff.mp3325.25 KB
185-wigglypuff.mp3335.93 KB
186-zubat.mp3340.42 KB
187-golbat.mp3345.52 KB
188-oddish.mp3349.26 KB
189-gloom.mp3343.50 KB
190-vileplume.mp3346.44 KB
191-paras.mp3358.56 KB
192-parasect.mp3376.68 KB
193-venonat.mp3349.50 KB
194-venomoth.mp3344.89 KB
195-diglett.mp3346.23 KB
196-dugtrio.mp3346.64 KB
197-nyaasu.mp3323.49 KB
198-persian.mp3374.83 KB
201-psyduck.mp3342.55 KB
202-golduck.mp3369.04 KB
203-mankey.mp3339.18 KB
204-primeape.mp3338.37 KB
205-growlithe.mp3342.97 KB
206-arcanine.mp3352.97 KB
207-poliwag.mp3352.64 KB
208-poliwhirl.mp3348.78 KB
209-poliwrath.mp3357.34 KB
210-abra.mp3364.45 KB
211-kadabra.mp3384.65 KB
212-alakazam.mp3353.26 KB
213-machop.mp3346.54 KB
214-machoke.mp3345.93 KB
215-machamp.mp3347.17 KB
216-bellsprout.mp3338.80 KB
217-weepinbell.mp3359.18 KB
218-victreebell.mp3358.76 KB
219-tentacool.mp3340.66 KB
220-tentacruel.mp3388.63 KB
221-geodude.mp3358.06 KB
222-graveler.mp3347.87 KB
223-golem.mp3362.64 KB
224-ponyta.mp3352.56 KB
225-rapidash.mp3377.63 KB
226-slowpoke.mp3341.54 KB
227-slowbro.mp3352.84 KB
228-magnemite.mp3329.31 KB
229-magneton.mp3350.32 KB
230-farfetch'd.mp3327.29 KB
231-doduo.mp3353.06 KB
232-dodrio.mp3384.65 KB
233-seel.mp3364.48 KB
234-dewgong.mp3370.26 KB
235-grimer.mp3354.99 KB
236-muk.mp3343.98 KB
237-shellder.mp3347.57 KB
238-cloyster.mp3359.98 KB
239-ghastly.mp3353.24 KB
240-haunter.mp3351.73 KB
241-gengar.mp3351.01 KB
242-onix.mp3358.76 KB
243-drowzee.mp3373.00 KB
244-hypno.mp3381.06 KB
245-krabby.mp3346.82 KB
246-kingler.mp3353.16 KB
247-voltorb.mp3353.06 KB
248-electrode.mp3378.73 KB
249-exeggcute.mp3363.66 KB
250-exeggutor.mp3401.04 KB
251-cubone.mp3358.24 KB
252-marowak.mp3387.47 KB
253-hitmonlee.mp3385.55 KB
254-hitmonchan.mp3364.05 KB
255-lickitung.mp3383.51 KB
256-koffing.mp3373.52 KB
257-weezing.mp3361.92 KB
258-rhyhorn.mp3382.21 KB
259-rhydon.mp3388.12 KB
260-chansey.mp3374.96 KB
261-tangela.mp3365.39 KB
262-kangaskhan.mp3357.04 KB
263-horsea.mp3377.50 KB
264-seadra.mp3341.63 KB
265-goldeen.mp3366.30 KB
266-sea king.mp3369.46 KB
267-staryu.mp3351.42 KB
268-starmie.mp3361.22 KB
269-mr. mime.mp3370.48 KB
270-scyther.mp3378.74 KB
271-jynx.mp3400.51 KB
272-electabuzz.mp3355.61 KB
273-magmar.mp3390.76 KB
274-pinsir.mp3369.37 KB
275-tauros.mp3363.96 KB
276-magikarp.mp3363.22 KB
277-gyarados.mp3379.35 KB
278-lapras.mp3380.28 KB
279-ditto.mp3333.19 KB
280-eevee.mp3334.09 KB
281-vaporeaon.mp3378.55 KB
282-jolteon.mp3388.62 KB
283-flareon.mp3385.05 KB
284-porygon.mp3369.98 KB
285-omanyte.mp3356.21 KB
286-omastar.mp3395.04 KB
287-kabuto.mp3358.68 KB
288-kabutops.mp3376.40 KB
289-aerodactyl.mp3375.17 KB
290-snorlax.mp3389.22 KB
291-articuno.mp3379.67 KB
292-zapdos.mp3377.83 KB
293-moltres.mp3367.64 KB
294-dratini.mp3348.88 KB
295-dragonair.mp3384.34 KB
296-dragonite.mp3371.61 KB
297-mewto.mp3390.22 KB
298-mew.mp3392.12 KB
299-sound effect collection.mp38.14 MB