Download Anime OST album Pokemon Firered & Leafgreen Music Super Complete

Album name: Pokemon Firered & Leafgreen Music Super Complete
Total files: 90
Size: 230.60 MB

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Files Size
01 Game Freak Logo.mp3449.76 KB
02 Opening Movie.mp3560.31 KB
03 Title Screen.mp33.00 MB
04 Game Tutorial.mp31.26 MB
05 Welcome to the World of Pokémon!.mp31.95 MB
06 Pallet Town Theme.mp32.90 MB
07 Professor Oak.mp31.49 MB
08 Professor Oak's Laboratory.mp31.51 MB
09 Fanfare_ Pokémon Obtained.mp3282.20 KB
10 A Rival Appears.mp31.61 MB
11 Battle! (Trainer Battle).mp36.00 MB
12 Victory! (Trainer Battle).mp31.36 MB
13 Road to Viridian City_ Leaving Pa.mp31.89 MB
14 Fanfare_ Item Obtained (Version 1.mp3244.25 KB
15 Pewter City Theme.mp33.84 MB
16 Teachy TV Menu.mp3519.67 KB
17 Viridian Forest.mp35.20 MB
18 Battle! (Wild Pokémon).mp32.77 MB
19 Victory! (Wild Pokémon).mp31.18 MB
20 A Trainer Appears (Boy Version).mp31.00 MB
21 Pokémon Center.mp32.33 MB
22 Jigglypuff's Song.mp3418.68 KB
23 Pokémon Healed.mp3289.07 KB
24 Guide.mp31.07 MB
25 Pokémon Gym.mp32.44 MB
26 Tense Battle!.mp3905.22 KB
27 Battle! (Gym Leader Battle).mp34.09 MB
28 Victory! (Gym Leader Battle).mp31.79 MB
29 Fanfare_ Badge Obtained.mp3377.54 KB
30 Evolution.mp31.14 MB
31 Fanfare_ Evolution.mp3336.43 KB
32 Road to Cerulean City_ Leaving Mt.mp32.28 MB
33 A Trainer Appears (Girl Version).mp3897.32 KB
34 Caves of Mt. Moon.mp34.99 MB
35 Vermilion City Theme.mp32.56 MB
36 The S.S. Anne.mp34.11 MB
37 Cycling.mp32.48 MB
38 Lavender Town Theme.mp33.68 MB
39 Pokémon Tower.mp33.18 MB
40 Celadon City Theme.mp32.91 MB
41 Rocket Game Corner.mp33.02 MB
42 Fanfare_ Jackpot.mp3338.51 KB
43 Fanfare_ Winning.mp3293.53 KB
44 Pokémon Printer.mp3272.34 KB
45 Rocket Hideout.mp33.86 MB
46 A Trainer Appears (Bad Guy Versio.mp3926.08 KB
47 Silph Co..mp33.68 MB
48 Road to Fuchsia City_ Leaving Lav.mp32.33 MB
49 The Poké Flute.mp3399.28 KB
50 Fuchsia City Theme.mp32.47 MB
51 Move Deleted.mp3279.27 KB
52 The Sea.mp32.26 MB
53 Battle! (Legendary Pokémon).mp31.78 MB
54 Fanfare_ Pokémon Caught.mp3346.37 KB
55 Cinnabar Island Theme.mp32.45 MB
56 Pokémon Mansion.mp33.85 MB
57 Pokémon Net Center.mp31.51 MB
58 Fanfare_ Professor Oak's Evaluati.mp3311.22 KB
59 Sevii Islands_ Four & Five Island.mp33.12 MB
60 Pokémon Jump.mp31.98 MB
61 Dodrio Berry Picking.mp32.15 MB
62 Too Bad....mp3294.03 KB
63 Sevii Islands.mp33.35 MB
64 Sevii Islands_ Six & Seven Island.mp33.59 MB
65 The Union Room.mp31.98 MB
66 Mystery Gift.mp31.50 MB
67 Fanfare_ Item Obtained (Version 2.mp3285.45 KB
68 Battle! (Mewtwo).mp31.81 MB
69 The Final Road.mp32.45 MB
70 Final Battle! (Rival).mp34.76 MB
71 Epilogue.mp32.12 MB
72 Hall of Fame.mp31.99 MB
73 Ending Theme.mp37.93 MB
74 Deoxys Appears.mp31.21 MB
75 Battle! (Deoxys).mp35.31 MB
76 Teach Me, Poké Dude! (feat. Hiron.mp38.71 MB
77 Memory P (feat. Yumi Funasaka).mp36.17 MB
78 Rocket Hideout.mp39.78 MB
79 Pokémon Tower 1997.mp311.71 MB
80 Strength of a Gym Leader.mp38.58 MB
81 Title Screen.mp32.95 MB
82 Road to Viridian City_ Leaving Pa.mp31.79 MB
83 Viridian Forest.mp33.03 MB
84 Pewter City Theme.mp33.32 MB
85 Battle! (Trainer Battle).mp34.17 MB
86 The S.S. Anne.mp32.13 MB
87 Cycling.mp32.35 MB
88 Fuchsia City Theme.mp32.02 MB
89 Final Battle! (Rival).mp33.73 MB
90 Ending Theme.mp32.53 MB