Download Anime OST album Other Life - Azure Dreams Original Game Soundtrack

Album name: Other Life - Azure Dreams Original Game Soundtrack
Total files: 53
Size: 86.29 MB

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Files Size
01-music box.mp31.13 MB
02-memories of hero's father.mp31.66 MB
03-overture.mp31.92 MB
04-theme of nico southey.mp31.43 MB
05-theme of fur gots.mp31.30 MB
06-theme of selfi rode.mp31.62 MB
07-theme of mia miria.mp31.45 MB
08-theme of patty pan.mp31.09 MB
09-theme of vivian merca.mp31.50 MB
10-theme of cherrl child.mp31.53 MB
11-theme of ghosh rode.mp31.26 MB
12-hero's house 1.mp31.81 MB
13-town 1.mp31.63 MB
14-arm shop.mp31.27 MB
15-monster shop.mp31.25 MB
16-temple 1.mp31.33 MB
17-town 2.mp31.71 MB
18-dance at pub.mp3386.89 KB
19-pub.mp31.53 MB
20-gymnasium.mp31.22 MB
21-playroom.mp31.31 MB
22-game playing.mp31.48 MB
23-hero's house 2.mp31.91 MB
24-town 3.mp31.76 MB
25-casino.mp31.39 MB
26-monster race course.mp31.06 MB
27-monster racing.mp31.52 MB
28-town 4.mp31.73 MB
29-dance at theatre.mp3390.16 KB
30-theatre.mp31.81 MB
31-entrance of comedians.mp31.01 MB
32-exit comedians.mp3177.32 KB
33-hero's house 3.mp32.08 MB
34-town 5.mp31.72 MB
35-swimming pool.mp31.77 MB
36-temple 2.mp31.41 MB
37-music for solo violin cello.mp31000.89 KB
38-fanfare.mp3108.94 KB
39-tower 1 (theme).mp32.19 MB
40-tower 2 (variation 1).mp32.22 MB
41-tower 3 (variation 2).mp32.16 MB
42-tower 4 (variation 3).mp32.27 MB
43-tower 5 (variation 4).mp32.36 MB
44-tower 6 (variation 5).mp32.31 MB
45-tower 7 (variation 6).mp33.05 MB
46-tower 8 (variation 7).mp33.37 MB
47-theme of veiled genuine (variation 8).mp31.75 MB
48-tension (variation 9).mp32.25 MB
49-theme of hero (finale).mp31.41 MB
50-hero's house 4.mp31.97 MB
51-finale.mp37.02 MB