Download Anime OST album NiGHTS ~Journey of Dreams~ Original Soundtrack

Album name: NiGHTS ~Journey of Dreams~ Original Soundtrack
Total files: 76
Size: 363 MB (MP3), 1,226 MB (FLAC)

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Files Size
NiGHTS:Journey of Dreams 7.38 MB
EVENT_ Solitude 2.10 MB
Eloquent Echo 5.94 MB
Drifing Donbalon 4.68 MB
Eloquent Echo:Fluffy Catch 6.24 MB
Eloquent Echo:River Rescue 3.75 MB
Drifing Donbalon:Hard Ver. 5.92 MB
Wandering Wildness 4.78 MB
Cacking Chamelan 4.34 MB
Wandering Wildness:Bomb Panic 4.34 MB
Wandering Wildness:Coster Rescue 3.63 MB
Cacking Chamelan:Hard Ver. 4.40 MB
Dreams Dreams 9.37 MB
NiGHTS And Reala 4.32 MB
Electrical Entertainment 5.64 MB
Clashing Cerberus 3.66 MB
Electrical Entertainment:Neon City​Battle 7.09 MB
Electrical Entertainment:Broadway​Guide 4.97 MB
Clashing Cerberus:Hard Ver. 3.05 MB
Growing Wings 4.59 MB
Persona Non Grata 2.17 MB
D'Force Master 7.86 MB
EVENT_ Win a Goat 1.48 MB
Dreams Dreams:Will Ver. 11.70 MB
Dreams Dreams:Adult Ver. 11.82 MB
EVENT_ Conscience 1.15 MB
Sweeping Seashore 5.77 MB
Giant Girania 3.76 MB
Sweeping Seashore:Aqua Challenge 4.13 MB
Sweeping Seashore:Marine Escape 4.03 MB
Giant Girania:Hard Ver. 4.94 MB
Crystal Choir 5.97 MB
Bony Bomamba 4.13 MB
Crystal Choir:Labyrinth Guide 5.61 MB
Crystal Choir:Jewel Fever 4.39 MB
Bony Bomamba:Hard Ver. 5.85 MB
Merry Memory Go Round 4.81 MB
Queen Bella's Ball 4.22 MB
Merry Memory Go Round:Forest Adventure 4.23 MB
Dreams Dreams:Sky Concert 8.54 MB
Queen Bella's Ball:Hard Ver. 4.23 MB
Crusing Together 7.19 MB
NiGHTS And Reala:Theme of A Tragedic​Revenge 4.57 MB
Sonatines for Two Violins 1.89 MB
EVENT_ Applanse 0.94 MB
Dreams Dreams:Helen Ver. 11.71 MB
EVENT_ On The Way Back 0.93 MB
Memento of NiGHTS 1.76 MB
Dreams Dreams:Sweet Snow 9.60 MB
EVENT_ Fragmented NiGHTS 0.64 MB
Dreams Dreams:Kids Ver. 11.75 MB
NiGHTS:Journey of Dreams(Short Ver.) 3.02 MB
Gate Of Your Dream 1.98 MB
EVENT_ Encounter 1.54 MB
When The Night Falls 2.81 MB
Sweeping Seashore:in Daylight 1.54 MB
Cowardly Custars 3.26 MB
Catch Me If You Can 3.63 MB
Duel in Dream 4.14 MB
Al-Di-La:Lavender Ver. 5.45 MB
EVENT_ Reala Returns 1.95 MB
Peacefull Moment 1.91 MB
Al-Di-La:Sandal Wood Ver. 5.66 MB
EVENT_ Bad News 1.64 MB
EVENT_ Twist of Fate 0.68 MB
Al-Di-La:Peppermint Ver. 7.80 MB
EVENT_ Captive 3.60 MB
EVENT_ Suspicion 4.51 MB
EVENT_ Belief 3.47 MB
Al-Di-La:Bergamot Ver. 6.36 MB
Preecious Orgel 1.90 MB
EVENT_ Sentimental Swparation 1.70 MB
EVEMT_ Thank You NiGTHS 1.05 MB
Dreams Dreams:Located Link Mix 9.74 MB
Dreams Dreams:Sweet Snow​(instrumental) 9.93 MB
Dreams Dreams (instrumental) 12.10 MB