Download Anime OST album Kirby Super Star Original Game Audio

Album name: Kirby Super Star Original Game Audio
Total files: 65
Size: 104.76 MB

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Files Size
01 kirby super star.mp3433.06 KB
02 game select.mp31.41 MB
03 time to learn.mp32.09 MB
04 spring breeze intro.mp3680.53 KB
05 green greens.mp32.37 MB
06 float islands.mp32.32 MB
07 bubbly clouds.mp32.42 MB
08 boss battle.mp32.37 MB
09 victory star 1.mp3438.87 KB
10 victory dance 1.mp3174.33 KB
11 mt. dedede.mp33.39 MB
12 spring breeze ending.mp32.70 MB
13 dynablade intro.mp3637.44 KB
14 dynablade theme.mp32.76 MB
15 dynablade overworld.mp31.30 MB
16 dynablade area 1.mp32.53 MB
17 dynablade area 2.mp32.69 MB
18 dynablade area 3.mp33.26 MB
19 dynablade area 4.mp33.18 MB
20 victory dance 2.mp358.39 KB
21 going after dynablade.mp3746.03 KB
22 choose your weapon.mp3643.16 KB
23 dynablade final area.mp3669.99 KB
24 dyna-chicks.mp3275.75 KB
25 gourmet race intro.mp3246.71 KB
26 hidden race song.mp31.06 MB
27 gourmet race stage 1, 3.mp33.46 MB
28 gourmet race stage 2.mp33.22 MB
29 counting the wins.mp3112.42 KB
30 winner!.mp315.90 KB
31 kirby wins!.mp3888.22 KB
32 king dedede wins.mp3150.51 KB
33 the great cave offensive.mp33.49 MB
34 begin treasure hunting.mp33.45 MB
35 save area.mp31.21 MB
36 mine cart riding.mp31.13 MB
37 later treasure hunting.mp33.30 MB
38 rpg kirby battles.mp31.95 MB
39 revenge of metaknight intro.mp3700.62 KB
40 revenge of metaknight.mp3116.20 KB
41 kirby arrives on the scene.mp33.19 MB
42 grape garden.mp32.18 MB
43 taking over the halberd.mp33.36 MB
44 metaknight overworld.mp31.08 MB
45 battle with metaknight.mp33.01 MB
46 escape the halberd.mp31.73 MB
47 revenge of metaknight ending.mp32.69 MB
48 kirby star twinkle.mp322.42 KB
49 milky way wishes intro.mp31.98 MB
50 milky way overworld.mp31.69 MB
51 victory star 2.mp3684.25 KB
52 wishing with nova.mp3927.23 KB
53 flying into nova.mp32.46 MB
54 battle with marx.mp33.37 MB
55 popstar saved.mp3333.93 KB
56 victory star 3.mp3917.09 KB
57 invincible lollipop.mp3718.60 KB
58 out of health.mp345.84 KB
59 whoops!.mp352.57 KB
60 floating away.mp31.31 MB
61 megaton punch.mp31.40 MB
62 samurai kirby.mp3490.19 KB
63 the arena.mp31.13 MB
64 gladiator kirby.mp32.75 MB
65 kirby super star ending.mp33.28 MB