Download Anime OST album King of Fighters Maximum Impact Original Sound Tracks

Album name: King of Fighters Maximum Impact Original Sound Tracks
Total files: 30
Size: 121.22 MB

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Files Size
101-maximum impact [opening].mp33.05 MB
102-select [menu screen].mp36.40 MB
103-my secret [profile screen].mp36.10 MB
104-the usual c'mon [player select].mp3858.29 KB
105-the highest level security hall [challenge mode mission .mp31.02 MB
106-can you listen until the guitar solo [challenge mode bgm.mp39.03 MB
107-mission complete [challenge mode mission clear].mp3116.11 KB
108-sorrowful fresh kuppa [story demo 1].mp31.73 MB
109-rooftop realism [southtown stage].mp35.41 MB
110-gaining strength under the waterfall [lost world stage].....mp35.41 MB
111-infectious love [live house stage].mp35.83 MB
112-dangerous parking lot [parking area stage].mp35.66 MB
113-unbreakable stained glass [ancient ruins stage].mp35.62 MB
114-enigma machine [iron hell stage].mp36.86 MB
115-flying tremolo arm [airport stage].mp36.05 MB
116-the trumpeter under the bridge [downtown stage].mp36.15 MB
117-requiem for 50,000 people [show time stage].mp36.43 MB
118-the god of death's opera house [cemetery stage].mp36.51 MB
201-forcible hard break [story demo 2].mp31.61 MB
202-at toyotsu-chou, suita city... [esaka stage].mp36.70 MB
203-kiss geese once more [infernal gate stage].mp36.04 MB
204-i'm a hyena [hyena's theme].mp33.98 MB
205-duke to go! [during boss battle demo].mp32.05 MB
206-a word if you will [victory screen].mp3128.95 KB
207-disappearing duke [ending demo 1].mp32.45 MB
208-rest in peace... [ending demo 2].mp35.15 MB
209-bright future [ending demo 3].mp31.67 MB
210-group of developers [staff roll].mp32.28 MB
211-do you want to continue [continue].mp3646.62 KB
212-the end [game over].mp3201.41 KB