Download Anime OST album Kengo 3 Original Soundtrack

Album name: Kengo 3 Original Soundtrack
Total files: 60
Size: 162.07 MB

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Files Size
101 title ~title~.mp3308.45 KB
102 battle ~ truth ~battle 1~.mp32.32 MB
103 battle ~ tiger ~battle 2~.mp33.21 MB
104 battle ~ burning ~battle 3~.mp33.31 MB
105 battle ~ scorpion ~battle 4~.mp32.94 MB
106 battle ~ scar ~battle 5~.mp33.79 MB
107 this one sword ~depature~.mp32.46 MB
108 peacefully ~peaceful~.mp33.02 MB
109 spray (shinsen-gumi) ~shinsen-gumi battle~.mp32.61 MB
110 sorrow ~remembrance~.mp33.32 MB
111 sweet end (shinsen-gumi) ~shinsen-gumi main~.mp33.39 MB
112 pitiful night ~tragic~.mp32.04 MB
113 sad days (shinsen-gumi) ~shinsen-gumi sadness~.mp32.59 MB
114 risking the soul (shinsen-gumi ) ~shinsen-gumi spirtual~.mp32.82 MB
115 calming the heart (shinsen-gumi) ~shinsen-gumi ending~.mp31.93 MB
116 dignity (kuchiireya) ~guard~.mp33.15 MB
117 magnificent (kuchiireya) ~defense~.mp33.35 MB
118 copper and silver (tobaku) ~tobaku-ha tragic~.mp34.82 MB
119 samurai (tobaku) ~tobaku-ha battle~.mp33.20 MB
120 leap into darkness ~engage~.mp32.66 MB
121 black murderous intent ~assassinate~.mp33.52 MB
122 festival of the beast (tobaku) ~tobaku-ha excitement~.mp33.43 MB
123 dew splashing on the summer grass (kuchiireya) ~extermination~.mp33.16 MB
124 clothes of doubt ~worry~.mp33.08 MB
125 straying feelings (tobaku) ~tobaku-ha spirtual~.mp32.87 MB
126 color of grief (tobaku) ~sadness~.mp33.09 MB
127 way to the right path ~tobaku-ha ending~.mp34.44 MB
201 moment ~home~.mp32.89 MB
202 decision ~ one ~select 1~.mp33.72 MB
203 decision ~ two ~select 2~.mp33.07 MB
204 decision ~ three ~select 3~.mp33.07 MB
205 lost road ~shop~.mp35.15 MB
206 highway ~ one ~town at mornig~.mp32.87 MB
207 highway ~ two ~town at noon~.mp33.06 MB
208 highway ~ three ~town at evening~.mp32.48 MB
209 highway ~ four ~night town~.mp32.84 MB
210 arrival jingle ~arrival~.mp3159.98 KB
211 failure jingle ~failure~.mp3119.61 KB
212 death jingle ~dead~.mp3196.40 KB
213 success jingle ~success~.mp3141.65 KB
214 ship of time ~peaceful 2~.mp32.94 MB
215 heartbeat ~fret~.mp32.96 MB
216 intense memories ~remembrance 2~.mp32.26 MB
217 being careful ~plot~.mp33.88 MB
218 alone ~plot 2~.mp32.29 MB
219 hiding ~shock~.mp32.56 MB
220 night when the owls screech ~betrayal~.mp31.76 MB
221 blade which shines with chaos ~betrayal 2~.mp33.11 MB
222 empty suspicions ~shock 2~.mp31.73 MB
223 rainbow drop ~plot 2~.mp31.47 MB
224 the waning moon ~tension~.mp31.87 MB
225 rousing (kuchiireya) ~sneak~.mp33.33 MB
226 the sound of water ~tragic 2~.mp31.59 MB
227 the touch of a cloud ~engage 2~.mp32.13 MB
228 boil (kuchiireya) ~rescue~.mp33.19 MB
229 grief ~sadness 2~.mp32.05 MB
230 ripple ~tension 2~.mp32.69 MB
231 wish of the daffodil ~worry 2~.mp33.45 MB
232 quiet ringing ~depature 2~.mp32.24 MB
233 the path of great men ~last trip~.mp33.71 MB