Download Anime OST album Eureka 7 Original Soundtrack 1

Album name: Eureka 7 Original Soundtrack 1
Total files: 45
Size: 381.62 MB

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Files Size
101 days -eureka opening mix-.mp33.55 MB
102 storywriter.mp39.93 MB
103 a lengthy journey.mp33.78 MB
104 homesick.mp33.71 MB
105 distant memories.mp33.80 MB
106 a cruel world.mp33.14 MB
107 truth.mp34.58 MB
108 eureka.mp34.15 MB
109 blood bond.mp33.21 MB
110 tiger track.mp312.71 MB
111 acid track prototype.mp313.79 MB
112 on the hill.mp33.37 MB
113 fear of smiling.mp33.50 MB
114 okamochi & jersey.mp32.96 MB
115 sexy lady bluezy.mp32.70 MB
116 forbidden fruit.mp32.42 MB
117 a vagabond strums.mp34.43 MB
118 prophecy.mp33.57 MB
119 jump from running.mp36.34 MB
120 battle in the air.mp33.74 MB
121 gekko-go.mp33.64 MB
122 renton thurston.mp34.05 MB
123 nirvash typezero.mp34.61 MB
124 the place one should be.mp32.98 MB
125 just in the center of the world.mp33.02 MB
126 sky of hope.mp33.93 MB
127 secret base -eureka ending mix-.mp33.67 MB
201 young boy's heart -eureka opening mix-.mp33.56 MB
202 alone in the wasteland.mp35.17 MB
203 the wind that blows through the equinoctial week.mp34.43 MB
204 pathetic.mp34.83 MB
205 star of affection.mp34.73 MB
206 skurve coral.mp33.11 MB
207 a neverending misunderstanding.mp33.47 MB
208 anxiety's rhythm.mp33.73 MB
209 not resisting fate.mp34.33 MB
210 warmth inside of despair, though.mp35.26 MB
211 above the boundary.mp34.72 MB
212 spontanious discharge of the ego.mp33.66 MB
213 type theend.mp34.44 MB
214 get it by your hands.mp317.78 MB
215 trance ruined.mp310.47 MB
216 below this sky, this planet is connected everywhere.mp33.81 MB
217 in the sea of memories.mp34.76 MB
218 fly away -eureka ending mix-.mp33.62 MB
disc1 01 days u`eureka opening mixu`.mp32.13 MB
disc1 02 storywriter.mp35.96 MB
disc1 03 nagai tabiji.mp32.27 MB
disc1 04 boukyou.mp32.23 MB
disc1 05 tooi kioku.mp32.28 MB
disc1 06 zankoku na sekai.mp31.88 MB
disc1 07 shinjitsu.mp32.75 MB
disc1 08 eureka.mp32.49 MB
disc1 09 chi toiu kizuna.mp31.93 MB
disc1 10 tiger track.mp37.63 MB
disc1 11 acid track prototype.mp38.27 MB
disc1 12 on the hill.mp32.02 MB
disc1 13 hohoemi no kyoufu.mp32.10 MB
disc1 14 okamochi uo jersey.mp31.78 MB
disc1 15 sexy lady bluesy.mp31.62 MB
disc1 16 kindan no kajitsu.mp31.45 MB
disc1 17 yadonashi ga tsumabiku.mp32.66 MB
disc1 18 yochou.mp32.14 MB
disc1 19 taidou kara no chouyaku.mp33.81 MB
disc1 20 sentou kuuiki.mp32.25 MB
disc1 21 gekko-go.mp32.18 MB
disc1 22 renton thurston.mp32.43 MB
disc1 23 nirvash typezero.mp32.76 MB
disc1 24 iru beki basho.mp31.79 MB
disc1 25 sekai no tada naka de.mp31.81 MB
disc1 26 kibou no sora.mp32.36 MB
disc1 27 himitsu kichi u`eureka ending mixu`.mp32.20 MB
disc2 01 shounen heart ü`eureka opening mixü`.mp32.14 MB
disc2 02 kouya ni hitori.mp33.11 MB
disc2 03 higan wo fuku kaze.mp32.66 MB
disc2 04 hisou.mp32.90 MB
disc2 05 kyoshoku no hoshi.mp32.84 MB
disc2 06 skurve coral.mp31.87 MB
disc2 07 kaishou sarenu gokai.mp32.09 MB
disc2 08 fuan no ritsudou.mp32.24 MB
disc2 09 kouwazaru unmei.mp32.60 MB
disc2 10 zetsubou no naka no nukumori, shikashi.mp33.16 MB
disc2 11 kyoukai ue ni te.mp32.84 MB
disc2 12 jiga no bouhatsu.mp32.20 MB
disc2 13 type theend.mp32.66 MB
disc2 14 get it by your hands.mp310.67 MB
disc2 15 trance ruined.mp36.28 MB
disc2 16 kono hoshi no doko ni demo tsunagatte iru, kono sora no shita de.mp32.29 MB
disc2 17 kioku no naka no umi.mp32.86 MB
disc2 18 fly away u`eureka ending mixu`.mp32.17 MB